We produced a striking design for this remarkable national monument. The long, narrow front section of the first floor was used as a storage and warehouse area. The garden house twenty metres behind it (a long, crosswise structure) was totally run-down after being let for several years. We renovated and redecorated the front section, where the double living room and kitchen are located. The bedroom and bathroom are in the garden house. We designed a wall unit containing the pantry, lavatory, central heating and wardrobes across the rear width of the garden house. A glass wall separates the bathroom from the wall unit and ‘unfurls’ into a round shower unit. The areas in the garden house open onto each other and are each made of a different material (Norwegian slate, freestone, parquet, terrazzo and mosaic) for demarcation purposes.


Brief description: renovation and design
Address: Keizersgracht, Amsterdam
Principal: individual
Contractor: Bouw- en Aanemingsbedrijf W.M. Maaskant
Year: 2001