Eerste Weteringdwarsstraat


Originally a weaver’s house, the premises are no longer recognizable as such because of the jumble of extensions at the rear. We started by demolishing them. In doing so, the piles affixing the premises turned out to be only partially sunk. The original, decayed rear of the house had almost completely slid off the foundations (that were there). Another amazing discovery consisted of two 17th-century window crosses, which provide a lovely contrast to the contemporary sun room at the rear. And tucked between the beams in the attic, the carpenter found an Amsterdamsche Courant issue from 1826. We have restored the interior to its original state, using authentic materials and parts that are well preserved. The premises now accommodate two residences, as well as a studio in the basement; the weed plantation has obviously disappeared.


Brief description: restoration of a national monument
Address: Eerste Weteringdwarsstraat, Amsterdam
Principal: Stadsherstel Amsterdam NV
Year: 2005
Photography: Henk van Dijkhuizen