In this charming house we retrieved the rafters, upper struts and supporting walls from behind a thick layer of insulating material, restoring the 19th-century aura. And in the attic the exposed beams exude a spatial quality. We made the layout more logical and convenient. The kitchen is back at the front of the house, accessible via a double door in the distinctive front façade. In the attic we moved the bathroom from the front to the middle, in between the two bedrooms. We replaced the steel spiral stairs with closed, wooden stairways featuring attractive classic panelling. In the downstairs bedroom we introduced our hallmark of authenticity: the bathing alcove, which is a built-in bathtub resembling an old-fashioned sleeping alcove.


Brief description: restoration of state monument
Address: Palmgracht, Amsterdam
Principal: private
Contractor: Moes Timmerwerken, Amsterdam
Year: 2008-2010
Photography: Roos Aldershoff