Half of what was originally a broad double mansion, built in the 16th century within the medieval expansion of the city, these premises once consisted of three levels with longitudinal roofing. As is visible from the exterior, neck gables were added in 1730, dividing the premises into two residences. In the summer of 2008 a fire razed the entire building to the ground. Part of the resident’s korfball archive was salvaged, but all beams, panelling and roof timbers were damaged. We sanded the burned beams, preserving most of the original timber construction. The staircases and bathrooms have been moved, and we added dormer windows, so that the attic floor is now habitable as well. The home has once again been restored to glory along the Singel.


Brief description: restoration of state monument (after a fire)
Address: Singel, Amsterdam
Principal: private
Contractor: D. Daalders Bouwbedrijf
Year: 2008-2010
Photography: Architectenbureau Vroom