This house on the Vijzelgracht is originally from the 17th century with an early 20th century fa├žade. Stadsherstel Amsterdam purchased alternating buildings to protect the row. In 2000 we replaced the foundations because of the construction of the North-South line and renovated the shop in the process. Today, ten years later, the time had come to work on the residences. In this small building adjacent hallway, stairway and bathrooms were needed. We dramatically altered the layout to make both homes seem more spacious and to offer a wonderful view of the city. The originally staircases have been preserved, and the roof trusses are visible again. A wonderful building for the next century.


Brief description: Renovation of apartments
Address: Vijzelgracht, Amsterdam
Principal: Stadsherstel Amsterdam N.V.
Constructor: Konst & van Polen B.V.
Year: 2010-2011
Photography: Thomas Schlijper