Van Eeghenstraat


This typical lower maisonette on an authentic Old South street features a highly distinctive in the subsidence of the block of houses. This happened nearly 40 years ago, when four homes subsided 70 cm (2’4”) to the rear within a week, making this building unique. We highlighted this detail in arranging the floor on the entrance level: the middle floor surface is made of glass. While at first two of the three layers served as a kitchen, dining and living room, they have been converted into four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a play area beneath a glass ceiling and a separate laundry room. There is now plenty of space for an entire family, with room for all members to go about their business without getting in each other’s way.


Brief description: home renovation
Address: Van Eeghenstraat
Principal: private
Contractor: Verkuijl Bouw en Aannemingsbedrijf
Year: 2010-2011
Photography: Roos Aldershoff