In the 30s it was building inspector Van Houten who encouraged the reuse of old gables. That’s when this building from 1715 received the ornaments of a 18th century neck gable from the Zeedijk 9 during renovations in 1934. Aside from the facade also the 30s architecture is typical for this house. The clients wanted more light and air in their residence. In consultation with BMA the all interior walls were removed on the living floor, the balcony was added to the living space and also the bedroom floor was given a new floor plan. All this in a 30s style including a replica of the railing for the stairs in the living room.


Brief description: renovation and transformation
Address: Keizersgracht, Amsterdam
Principal: private
Contractor: Aannemingsbedrijf JC Nieuwenhuizen BV
Year: 2015-2016
Photography: Debby Heilker-Lamerigts