This building from 1620 was renovated several times: historical parts were removed or hidden, the light court was closed up and the layout adapted for an office function. Behind the false ceiling, a beautifully composed beamed ceiling emerged. The focus of this restoration was the restoration of the original structure. On the first floor, the corridor zone was restored, and the building was given a central rising point again in the middle section. On the condition that the light court would be completely “cleaned up”, M&A gave permission for a lift to be installed. In collaboration with an interior consultant, the spaces were provided with a custom finish. The first floor was restored according to a historical example with a continuous hall, front and back room in the front house, an open light court and period room in the back house.

  Brief description: renovation and reconfiguration Address: Keizersgracht, Amsterdam Principal: private Contractor: Pronk Bouw B.V. Year: 2017-2020 Photography: Architectenbureau Vroom Digital Picture Report