During the first viewing, the layout, the finishing and the technical condition of the building were in need of maintenance. The first task was to completely overhaul the layout, not only to restore it, but also to be able to welcome the two generations of the family. The most radical proposal was to completely remove the added construction layer with its roof terrace, which was placed on top of the rear extension in 2000.

In this extension we encountered a mantelpiece finished with stucco marble (scagliola). Months later, during the demolition work, further research led to another discovery: since 1956, retention walls had concealed an entire scagliola chamber. Various stucco techniques have been used in this mid-19th-century period room. The fact that such a room is located in a residence makes it even more unique.

Schatgraven aan de Amsterdamse grachten, Mebest, 84e jaargang nr. 6, december 2020, p. 14-22.

  Brief description: restoration and renewed floorplan Address: Keizersgracht, Amsterdam Principal: private Contractor: Leguit en Roos Year: 2018-2020 Photography: Roos Aldershoff Fotografie Digital Picture Report