Elynne Keizer

Technical Designer /Architect in training

Elynne Keizer has been working as a Technical Designer at Architectenbureau Vroom since August 2023.

“As a young girl, growing up in the Frisian countryside, I visited various farms. I was fascinated by the historical structure of these buildings. Behind every door or curtain there was always a surprise hidden. Additionally, I was consistently intrigued by the atmosphere a building can imbue in its surroundings. This, combined with my creativity and proficiency in exact sciences, led to my decision to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture at Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen.”

From the very beginning of her studies, Elynne was interested in existing buildings and repurposing. In this field, she has developed herself both in theory and practice. She did an internship at Adema Architects (an ERM certified architectural firm) and attended internal training sessions related to Building History. During her final year, she focused on the repurposing of nationally listed agricultural heritage. Her thesis was nominated for the award of ‘Best Thesis of 2022‘. In May 2022, Elynne graduated from Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen. In 2023, she decided to exchange the countryside for the big city and started her Master’s degree in Architecture at the Academy of Architecture in Rotterdam.

Elynne’s tasks range from surveying the existing condition (phase 1) to creating working drawings for the contractor (phase 2) and everything in between. Additionally, she produces 3D impressions to visually support projects and manages social media accounts.