The advice of the aesthetics and monuments committee of Baarn precisely reflects our approach to habitation for the next 30 years:

“It can be concluded that this is a carefully designed plan for the restoration and insulation of the villa. The adjustments proposed in the interior at the location of the kitchen do not detract from the main structure of the building and the new facade in the rear blends in well with the style of the existing facade. The method of insulating the roof and the installation of insulating glazing (monument glazing within existing rebates) also do not disproportionately affect the monumental values ​​of the building. Furthermore, there is appreciation for the care with which the paintings in the interior have been analyzed and restored, as well as for the new color scheme of the window frames and the woodwork (based on color research and color schemes for corresponding villas from the same construction period). Assuming that the experts involved in the planning process will also continue to be involved in the implementation, we can agree with the plan as proposed. ”


Brief description: restoration and renovation 
Address: Baarn
Opdrachtgever: private client
Contractor: Leguit en Roos
Year: 2017-2018
Photography: Architectenbureau Vroom

 Digital Picture Report