Elynne Keizer

Elynne Keizer Technical Designer /Architect in training Elynne Keizer has been working as a Technical Designer at Architectenbureau Vroom since August 2023. Inspiration“As a young girl, growing up in the Frisian countryside, I visited various farms. I was fascinated by the historical structure of these buildings. Behind every door or

Letizia Romani

Letizia Romani 3D-Draugthswoman / Technical Designer Letizia Romani has been working at Architectenbureau Vroom since November 2022 as a 3D draughtswoman and Technical Designer.  Inspiration“Since childhood, I’ve been enthusiastic about history, and growing up in Rome has nourished this passion. I’ve developed a deep awareness of the importance of preserving

Debby Heilker-Lamerigts

Debby Heilker-Lamerigts Projectleider / Ontwerper Debby Heilker–Lamerigts has been working as a Projectleader and Designer at Architectenbureau Vroom since November 2008. “What I enjoy about restoring monumental buildings is that the existing structure and unique elements can often add that extra touch to a home. It’s satisfying to sketch with

Jan-Willem Kuipers

Jan-Willem Kuipers Architect / Project Manager Jan-Willem has been working at Architectenbureau Vroom as a Project Architect since January 2016. “Drawing and building with Lego were my favorite activities from an early age. My fascination with old buildings and history ultimately led me to study architecture.” EducationAfter completing his studies

Wolbert Vroom

Wolbert Vroom Architect / Founder Architectenbureau Vroom Wolbert Vroom started his agency in 1988, with a drafting table and a typewriter, above a former carpet store on Kerkstraat in Amsterdam. Since 1998, Architectenbureau Vroom has been located in several 17th-century weaver houses on Vijzelgracht. Inspiration“The ‘love for the profession’ tops

Matthijs Bos

Matthijs Bos Technical Designer /Assistant Project Manager Matthijs has been working at Architectenbureau Vroom since August 2015, initially as an intern and later as an on-call worker. Since April 2018, he has been permanently employed as a Technical Designer/Assistant Project Manager. Inspiration“During my six-month internship as part of my vocational